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Journals of the Revolutionaries

Kingdom Hearts: Revolution

A Kingdom Hearts RPG
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This is a community for members of the guild "Kingdom Hearts: Revolution," on Gaia Online. This was made available for members of the guild.

Part I :

Kingdom Hearts ended with Kairi back on Destiny Island, Riku trapped on the other side, and Sora, Donald and Goofy chasing Pluto on some unknown planet... Weeks pass by, Kairi growing worried about the two people she loves: Sora and Riku. Going into the cave where they all played, Kairi finds both Sora and Riku, totally nekkid and knocked out! After she finds some clothes for them and wakes them up, they both explain their stories...

Sora: I was lost, in a feild with Donald and Goofy. We were chasing Pluto, as he had a letter from the king. And then... I'm here.

Riku: I was on the.. other side. I was fighting heartless, and then I woke up here!

Part II :

Sora and Riku tranined thier hardest. Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie were a big help in that. Kairi was looking up at the stars in the club house, when she saw a shooting start. Her eyes grew large, like saucers. She ran to find Riku and Sora, and then started to rebuild the raft that would take them to different worlds. Using gummi blocks that came off of the barrier, they set sail into the stars. Yeah, that was a bit boring... Sora constantly wanted to play "Spin the Keyblade". Then they kinda crashed into the world of Final Fantasy VIII. They met up with Leon(who went back to being called "Squall"), Adam, Selphie(Older, hawtter, and tougher... eh... ). He lent them the Ragnarok, a large ship, covered in a layer of gummi. The trio set off for the nearest star, a little place called Hawai'i...

Part III :

No one knew how they came to be. Who ever made them, must have also made the crystals from what we know as Final Fantasy V. It also gave the first Sorceress her power in the world of Final Fantasy VIII. It also formed the first Sin, and sent Jecht and Tidus to Spira in Final Fantasy X.

What ever it was, it also created the key weapons.

If it was a benevolent god fighting a devil, or maybe someone who felt like doing something on a rainy day, or people playing a game, or all just fate? Who ever, whatever it was? it made the gears.

The three-pronged gears, they obviously served a purpose. What it was, no one knew? at first. They didn't fit into any machines. They didn't make good weapons. It made no sense to break them, or melt them down. What were they for?

It was Adam who found four of them, in one of the books. The cover was fresh and soft, unlike the other books in the library. That's what attracted Adam to the book.

Or maybe it was fate?

He ran over to Angel, tossing one of the gears to her. "What do you make of these?" Adam opened the book as Angel examined it, and read the first, and only, whole page.

"If anyone should find this, know that I have been taken by the darkness. I feared Ansem was going too deep into his research in the dark creatures, and I guess I was right.

"The gears I found? they seem to hold a great power. Ansem feared them, and wrote them off as tools of devil. My name is marred. I was banished. I'm leaving the gears here, so that who ever finds them, can help the key to defeating the darkness?"