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Journal Entry - Adam Powell [Mar. 18th, 2004|11:35 am]
A Kingdom Hearts RPG


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My name is Adam Powell.

I was born in the town of Winhill. My parents owned a ranch just south of the small town, where they raised chocobos. I was also raised there, for the most part. When I was thirteen, I think, my parents sent me to Balamb Garden, one of the most prestigious schools in the world. There are only four Gardens: Galbadia, Trabia, Esthar, and the most famous, Balamb. It's there that students learn to become a soldier for one of the world's mercenary armies: SeeD. Three friends made there, Alayna, Franny, and Matt, all became SeeDs around the time we were 16-17. We grew up that day. For the most part, at least.

Our first mission was to uncover a pornography ring working as a music video production company. We were sent to Esthar, posing as the Rock group "Tonberry Knife." There, we met Franny's boy friend, Sean, and her best friend, Courtney. They were looking for clues to a young boys disappearance. Our current investigation had us worrying that the ring had kidnapped the kid. We busted the ring, but found no clues as to where the kid was. So, we invited Courtney and Sean to the Garden.

We soon found out that the boy was kidnapped by a group of soldiers from an underground city. They were planning on using the kid, who mysteriously had the ability to use magic, to resurrect an ancient god that the city worshipped. It was under the Centrian Crater, where the first Lunar Cry took place. On our first attempt to take the city by storm, we were unprepared for the massive defense, and Matt was taken hostage.

The Garden Festival was coming up, and we wanted to look forward to good things. Franny was asked to sing, and I was with my new friend, Harmony. Everything seemed to be going okay. You know, until the Centrian Army stormed the place. Most of the students and faculty escaped, with SeeD staying behind. We fought as best as we could, but Franny, Alayna, Quistis, and Rinoa were taken hostage. Sean freaked out, and summoned this odd skeletal dragon, nearly killing every Centrian. But when it went after Squall, our commander, I knocked Sean out, and we escaped on the Ragnarok.

In Timber, Alaynas old hometown, we met her boyfriend, Sam. He joined us in rescuing them from the baddies, and joined our quest to save the world from certain destruction. Later that night, Harmony heard some people sneaking into the Garden. She went to stop them, and was shot five times. Squall found her, still alive, and sent her to the local hospital. I knew that we had to stop them. Alayna was one step ahead of me.

When we found the kid, everything went haywire. We were warped to another dimension, and had to fight the god. We won, of course. We warped back to the real world, on a grassy cliff. Matt was there, waiting for us. He had been at the Garden's siege, commanding the soldiers. He betrayed us. Alayna dueled him, their gunblades clashing, and making sparks. And then, he killed her. We were all about to be attacked, when I remembered a Phoenix Pinion we had found. I threw it at Alayna, and the Phoenix revived her. She dueled him once again, and sliced his head clean off. He deserved it, in my mind.

After a few months, dark creatures known as Heartless invaded our world. My friends, the people I care about, were all destroyed. I, too, was destroyed. My mind floated in darkness, lost in a sea of black. And then, Sora, the reluctant hero, locked the door to the darkness. All of the worlds, people, animals that the Heartless destroyed were revived. When I awoke, Squall was organizing SeeD, and telling us that the threat we faced before would come back. This time, we were prepared.

One day, Sora and his friends, Riku and Kairi, arrived on our planet. Squall gave them the Ragnarok, and they went off to answer a distress call. I was sent with the Ragnarok Omega (I'm now on my way) to a place called Hollow Bastion. I hope Squall and Sora were right about this place...